Granular Lime - 50lb
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Granular Lime - 50lb

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Calcium Lime powered by AMP-XC™ with Iron and Humic is a multicoated homogenous product formulated by Turf Care Supply. It is a combination of pelletized High Calcium Lime, AMP-XC, Humic and Iron (a combination of ferrous sulfate and EDTA), all of which are 100% soluble. This powerful combination of ingredients activates several beneficial biological and environmental responses in the plant and soil and greatly improves the health and lush green appearance of turf.


  • Maintains a Balanced pH and Neutralizes Acidic Soils Rapid Release Lime

  • Amplifies the Uptake of Nutrients within the Soil

  • Increases Moisture Storage

  • Stimulates Root Growth Leading to Thicker and more Stable Turf

  • Assists in Temperature and Drought Hardiness

  • Apply Anytime, Strengthens Turf Against Environmental

  • Stresses, Heat, Dry Weather and Foot Traffic


  • Enhances the plants green color through increased photosynthesis and chlorophyll concentrations

  • Acts as a natural chelator (which facilitates the uptake of trace minerals and prevents them from leaching out of the soil)

  • Activates soil microorganisms which more efficiently breakdown organic matter

  • Addition of organic matter to organically-deficient soils

  • Greatly improves seed germination

  • Improves utilization of calcium, magnesium, potassium and other cations difficult to consume from the soil

  • Positively influences the function and physiological characteristics of a plant (ex: photosynthesis, respiration, plant nutrition, anti-stress physiology etc.)

  • Improves shoot and blade production

  • Quickly enriches the